October 18, 2007

The Western Civilization - ON TOUR!

A few days ago I had the great honor to reconnect with The Western Civilization, a group of musicians that I met while living in Houston during the 2004-2005 season. This group was started in January 2005, and after a lot of hard work (and the mishaps that we all call "life"), they have recorded, released, and promoted a beautiful album called "Letters of Resignation". The group is on tour now, making their way up the east coast, arriving in Houston on December 26, 2007. Most definitely, look at their tour dates and by all means go and hear them!

While the album title, "Letters of Resignation", may at first seem to be akin to "Take this job and shove it" thinking, the members of the band (Reggie, Gretchen, Rachel, Fred, and Anthony) have sent the world a set of letters - scenes is a more appropriate word - describing emotional resignation, one that captures the ear and definitely resonates with the individual soul.

All the best to them!


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