December 25, 2007

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Merry Christmas, all!

I am home and will be spending this day with some friends in Baltimore. Last week, however, two families became one - the greatest Christmas gift ever. My younger brother, Henry Clay Thompson II, married a wonderful woman named Jennifer Schempp on Friday, December 21, 2007.

When my brother introduced Jennifer to the family in May of this year, I found myself watching the two of them and thinking "She needs to stay around for a long time." Well, he proposed a week later, and she said yes. With that, watching him make so many changes in his life - needed changes - since being introduced to such a great person has been incredibly inspiring. THAT is what a relationship is supposed to be!

My brother is named after our father who passed away in 1980. Incidentally, there were many family members at the wedding that I had not seen in years - cousins, uncles and aunts from my father's side of the family - and three of us commented that this coming together was the first time that this particular group of people had been in a church together since my father's burial. It DOES all come together, and all cycles do complete themselves, no?

Of course, the groom and his men looked stunning in their tuxedos and maroon vests, the bridesmaids and matron of honor incredibly elegant in their empire-waisted gowns, which consisted of maroon 3/4 sleeved bodices and floor-length black skirts - and Jennifer looked SMASHING in her gorgeous strapless, flowing white gown. My mother, I've never seen her look so beautiful, in a lovely mint-green multi-layered gown...

...but while I could go on about all of "those" aspects of this ceremony, all I really want to say is that there's something absolutely indescribable about seeing a loved one accomplish a part of his destiny.

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