December 26, 2008

On The Holidays

Well, here we are on December 26 - the stacks of brightly-wrapped packages have been opened, and the world has gone back to normal...for the most part.

While preparing for this week's celebrations - including visits to the grocery store to gather things for my first Noche Buena (courtesy of my Honduran roommate) - I caught myself stepping out of my frenzy upon realizing that this Christmas was indeed a special one, as it was to be the third Christmas since Hurricane Katrina.

Yes, three years - they have flown by, no?

Upon having this snap into the historical context of Christmas 2008, it seemed necessary to take some time to reflect on all that has transpired since that fateful and horrifying week - my, how life has changed in many ways! When I think about that week in relation to TODAY, I can only stand in gratitude and with an almost childlike sense of wonder - in some ways, I stand as Joseph Campbell described in The Power of Myth, as the only words that can be said are "Ah....Oh...." But what CAN one say?

Well...for all that has taken place, both personally and professionally, I stand humbled and grateful -

For all who like myself are still recovering in some form, I stand with compassion and encouragement -

- and although life will never be perfect, I have to say that this place on which I stand is a much more solid one than that of this time in 2005.

This, of course, is merely a snapshot of everything that has come into my consciousness upon looking at this place in time, and I look forward to taking time over the next few days to truly absorb the magnitude of all of this. Nevertheless, thank you all once again for the encouragement, thoughtfulness, and support both moral and spiritual. I am truly humbled to be a part of humanity.

With love, gratitude and best wishes for a fantastic 2009,

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