April 16, 2011

Excellent customer service...

News: I have just added violinist Odin Rathnam to the link log. Do take a moment and visit his website, on which he speaks of his life philosophy, shares information on his concert appearances, and describes both his duties as concertmaster of the Harrisburg Symphony and the work done by the Else Borges Foundation for Arts Initiatives.

The weather in Knoxville, Tennessee has changed from sunny and windy this morning to overcast and windy this afternoon. Still, it is springtime and the energy is subtle yet filled with promise and excitement.

As I have been coming here quite frequently since September, my relationship with this town has grown deeper and now includes regular stops at Coolato Gelato, a REAL gelateria that also serves what have become my two favorite soups. What started as popping in for a cup of tea before symphony concerts on Thursday and Friday nights has turned into stopping in to hear students from the University of Tennessee playing during Friday night live music sessions and, during the daylight hours, the place that I visit when I desire a quiet place to write.

Should you have not had an opportunity to visit Knoxville, it is a charming place, particularly so during the spring months. Additionally, one can also experience a cozy sense of familiarity: where else in the United States could I go and have the young man at the dry cleaner remember my name and details of my life after not having seen me for a year....

...along with this friendliness - a genuine friendliness, I must add - comes some of the most excellent and unexpected blessings, including the dry cleaner calling not only to apologize for having lost a bow tie but also offering to PAY for the replacement?!

Okay, we all know that these bowties are not that expensive, and that the loss of one does not call for letters to the editor or any other ridiculous outcry. Nevertheless, this was truly a gracious and kind gesture, one for which I think I will always remain grateful.

So....should you come to Knoxville for vacation, or any other reason, take your dry cleaning to Prestige Cleaners and sit for a bit at Coolato, which is just down the street.

More coming very soon....


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