February 5, 2012

Afterthoughts - July 11, 2011

How strange, to write about an experience that has been lived. Nevertheless, I chose to wait because I wanted to truly enjoy my time over the past few weeks, and because much of the trip was overwhelming in the best of ways - there was much to take in, much to process.

The month of June was filled with so many moments that clearly reminded me that yes, we are all a part of something much larger than we can imagine, and that we are all connected in ways that we cannot fathom. Imagine, getting on a bus to New York from Baltimore and meeting the sister of a woman with whom you've corresponded for months but only met in the very recent past, only to step out of that "loop" and continue a journey. This was Saturday, June 25 - on that day I had the great unexpected pleasure of meeting Tonia Gorham, who is related to photographer Aisha Butler of Baltimore's Jazzy Photos and the Butler Magazine. It was a joy to meet her and to talk about all things related to fashion, modeling, photography, and her son....

...and then, after arriving at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, we went our separate ways.

"Only when the personality begins to walk the path that its soul has chosen will it satisfy its hunger". Perhaps my "new path" does indeed include this route: during the month of May I took the same train into Queens for rehearsals with Mei Rui. Of course, in some way it makes sense as this was the 'end of the line', and my first time going to JFK - and flying across the ocean.

The flight was a smooth one - Iberia does a fantastic job of taking care of passengers on international flights. I did my best to contain my excitement, but as we know, doing so can be difficult when one is in the midst of any life-changing experience. How much better it is to maintain that childlike sense of wonder and amazement...especially upon waking and seeing the western coast of Europe.

It took a very long time to get to the point of "actualizing" the desire to spend time in Europe, and while I can share with you that I started crying immediately upon looking out the window, I feel that those words cannot aptly describe that moment in time. Victory, in so many ways...one that is owed to all of you.

Stay tuned...

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