October 7, 2012

The Season that Was...2011/2012, Part Two: "Other Notes"

How does one begin to chronicle a journey into the art of writing, be it journalism, musical commentary, the composition of program notes, poetry?    The answer, I know not; but shall I try, or would it be much simpler to share the news?

After many years of writing, those years including this blog, contributions to violinist.com,
Strings Magazine and Nigel Kennedy Online, and interviews with artists and colleagues across the globe, I was granted a tremendous opportunity, one which I deeply cherish.    In November 2011 I had a conversation with Barbara Day Turner, founder and Music Director of the San Jose Chamber Orchestra (and a dear friend since 2002).    During that conversation she shared some of the new initiatives to be taken by the orchestra, one of them which was to be a published monthly segment that would include interviews with guest artists and other people associated with the orchestra.

"That sounds GREAT," I said.   "Who's going to write the articles?"

"Oh, you," she replied.

In early 2012, "Other Notes" was born, and it has been a tremendous pleasure not only to write the column but also to have opportunities to speak candidly and philosophically with many of the people who have been involved with the continued growth of the San Jose Chamber Orchestra and cultural life in both the San Francisco Bay area and the Silicon Valley.  

Should you wish, you can visit the "Other Notes" pages through the San Jose Chamber Orchestra website.

More soon,

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