May 20, 2013

Laura Mvula

Well, hello all...

During the early days of May, an article floated around Facebook.   In this article, the author spoke of Harry Connick Jr.'s involvement with a few singers who had made it to an important round of American Idol.   Mr. Connick had the task of coaching these singers, and spoke to them with the authority and depth that I have encountered when taking lessons with many people who have developed and maintained careers in what is known as classical music performance.

While I could take time to rehash the article and Mr. Connick's thoughts, I shall not:   the link is provided for you all.   What I shall do, however, is share a singer who I would love to hear interpret what is known as the "Great American Songbook".   Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to present Laura Mvula.

More soon,

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