August 27, 2015

Ten Years Later.....

Okay - I have been wary of posting this as I realize on the most profound levels both that Hurricane Katrina is a sensitive topic and that many of us who were directly affected are still dealing, riding the wave of life changes. Nevertheless, here I go:
Two months before Katrina I was given a most beautiful painting by David Harouni. It has been one of my life goals (yes) to find the perfect place for that painting, and I am now living in that place.
While I do find myself conflicted, I would like to take this time to share some gratitude as over the past ten years I have encountered people and had life experiences that have been tremendous:
Peter M. Webster and Mary Lou Aleskie: thank you. It was through the two of you that I was introduced to Alternate ROOTS.
Saddi: the man whose mission is to make us (as people of the diaspora) see ourselves beautiful again. There are too many words....
Voice: Uknowhowwedu...
Carlton: one of the most brilliant minds that I have ever encountered.
Margo: I love you.
Linda: I owe you another day of out of tune singing. Thank you - being a part of Carpetbag Theatre changed my life.
Deborah and Peter: I will never be able to thank you enough....
Kimberly and Ertan: you housed a tired, weary man, did the right things and made the right calls.
Tom: Bless you.
Keryl: "Make sure that you live life and don't let life live you." Wise words said in 2009 that I carry to this day.
Lisa, S.T.: thank you.
Renee: how many "mamas" do I have? You're one of them, and all I can say is keep doing what you do and keep sending the advice.
Michelle: I've only seen you dance once, but long to see more.
Evelyn, Kelly, Madeline, Odin: thank you all so much for the past year and the reworking of the bowarm. I only hope that I can continue to take your advice and continue to grow stronger.
Laurie: thank you for your compassion and for having
Chris: *fistbump*
Tayloe: Thank you for taking two chances.
Mei; When can we play together again, eh?
Michelle: When can we play together again?
Jeri: For all that you are and all that you do in the world.
Robin: For being all of who you are, and for teaching through your life and recent experiences about true love.
Elena: Carpools to Delaware...and more.
Sage: your steadfast friendship, love of House, and a particular walk at Lutherridge in 2009.
W Terry: your friendship over the past ten years and especially during this transitional year.
Ari: for cooking, showing me how to let go, and showing me how to ask for guidance.
Evangeline: for doing the right thing
Tracy Steele: for remaining a steadfast friend....
Tanya; for bringing me to Toronto...
Thomas: I will always love you.
Barbara: Thank you for always encouraging me to follow my heart.
To the one who left: Thank you Would my life have opened up so much had I stayed with you and you with me?
To the other one: Deepest apologies, as we met during a time that I was not clear.....but I'm clear now....
Mildred, Steven, Gemal: thank you for taking the time to show real concern and for doing REAL work!
Jorja: you told me to keep writing - did we have any idea that I would become a "blogger"?!
Luca: The future is still unwritten, but you've been 100% spot on since we met.
Alternate ROOTS: thank you for making my trip to Italy possiblie.
Kari: my friend, my love, my trainer, my coach, my inspriation
Lauren: you saved me in 2009.....thank you.
Katie: Great Noise, Great Noise.....
David: so many talks....
Craig: Yoga is a part of my life again....
Jazzy and Aisha: What can I say? You are both tremedous and I'm humbled to be included as a part of the family....
Dasha: how one meeting during which you spoke directly to my soul resulted in "Almost Crimson"...
Paul: Need I say anything?
Stephanie: for January 2014 and teaching me about the apartment approval process.
Stephanie: your light, your dancing, and the reopening of the Circle market. YOU are a heroine!
Armenta Hummings: thank you for understanding.
Lee: for the opportunity to have made two debuts in Charleston.
Drew and Holly: such great people, always willing to lend ears and share thoughts on the business.

If I really thought about everyone, there would not be space to write and the Interwebs would crash....

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