June 21, 2017

"Living in America"

So....I shall get to writing about music very soon, especially considering that there's a LOT about which to write.   This, considering that we have all recently been bombarded by the video of Philando Castille's assassination, is important.

I'm housesitting soon. The people for whom I'm housesitting include a woman who is the "entrepreneur's entrepreneur" and a man who is a published author and a singer. (out of respect for them, I am not revealing names). These folks are also "adopted Mom and Dad", as they hosted me after Hurricane Katrina for six months (after what was supposed to be two weeks). These people have since 2005 loved, given "tough love" talks, spoken to me as if I were one of their blood family, and continuously gone over and above. The going "over and above" is most exemplified from the 2015 action of lending me a car to move into my current apartment while they were out of town.

Flash to this week, when she calls me: "I have an idea," she said. "I have a Notary in my office. We make a document on which we photocopy my, my husband's, and your driver's licenses and share on that document that you are approved to drive the car."

I've borrowed their cars many times since 2005, including driving someone to Dulles International Airport (and that was basically when I really learned to drive!). NOW, with the climate of this country and the "risk factors" (did y'all not see the recently released dashcam video from Minneapolis/St. Paul?), this woman wants to make sure that I'm okay, even though the fact is that I could be taken out by a "law enforcement official" even WITH verification that I'm "legal"....

Think about this....I have borrowed their cars numerous times between 2005 and now. I have picked people up from Baltimore's Penn Station and taken people to Thurgood Marshall BWI Airport AND Dulles. Twelve years ago, everyone on their street knew who I was. That was before Trayvon, Philando, Tamir Rice, the Charleston Nine, Eric Garner, (forgive me) et cetera ad nauseum. NOW, in 2017, a dear friend who is more than aware is concerned for me - more than she was before - because of the wanton murder of African-American men by the police, wants to ensure that I'm covered. THINK ABOUT THAT. Think about this, folks....and I"m going to say this knowing that my favorite aunt will see this online and talk to my mother (who knows the deal): MY BLACK GAY ASS who would not hurt a goddamned FLEA is living in a situation where I have to have my PAPERS, and those papers - even though engineered by people who care about me - may not save me. Y'all know better than to say "If he obeyed the law"....And as far as "papers" go, do you all realize that you can only replace your Social Security card ten times?

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