June 18, 2019

"We want...Information"....

Since there may be "too much news" with which to keep up, here are the pertinent articles (from both sides) that have been published within the last forty-eight hours. 

June 18, 2019
- Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, musicians endure first work stoppage in 31 years.   But they're still talking.

June 17, 2019
- Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians officially locked out

- Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians protest Meyerhoff Symphony Hall lockout

- Fault poor endowment decisions, not musicians, for BSO's woes

- Many American orchestras have emerged stronger from lockouts and strikes; the BSO can too

- BSO leadrship decisions damage symphony

- BSO board members:    Responsible decisions will save the symphony

From Emily Hogstad:

"Friends, please stay up to date on this situation! The Baltimore Symphony Musicians’ website is here. The Save Our BSO audience advocacy group website is here. From there you can follow those groups on social media.
"If you feel moved, please support transparent governance however you can, whether by reading articles online about the dispute (this helps show the press that people care!), or by liking and sharing social media posts, or by donating money, or by sending letters or emails of support, or by considering doing whatever else these groups suggest the public do. Those are the best ways to help right now. And good thoughts and a few prayers wouldn’t go amiss, either.
"Signing off with the hope that American orchestral governance as a whole improves, and soon. There are so many smart, creative people in this field. I hope we can build a future where we can avoid these heartwrenching situations entirely."


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