March 24, 2020

Terrence McNally....

Note:   this started as a Facebook post on the evening of Monday, March 23, 2020 and has been both expanded and edited.

Based on some of my Facebook posts, a dear friend referred to me a "Concierge Music Services:   Always Playing the Perfect Soundtrack of the Moment".   While that was meant as part joke and part serious, I find myself at a loss these days.    As a child of the 80s, I remember the fear, suspicion, outrage and governmental inaction that surrounded the AIDS crisis.    For those who do not remember, there is a both fascinating and sobering Independent Lens documentary titled We Were Here.   This documentary is focused on the city of San Francisco (and if you can, watch this on a large screen, specifically for one scene), but focuses on five people.

According to the Sundance Film Review:  "...this is a rare AIDS movie that is affirmative rather than depressing.  That is because of the lessons the survivors gleaned from these dark days.   They recall the spirit of caring and camaraderie  that transformed the gay community in San Francisco and also awakened the compassion of many straight Americans who went through a sea change in their attitudes towards homosexuality.   The film is not airbrushed.   Many of the memories are start, such s Eileens' recollection of removing the eyes of dead patients in order to gain an understanding of a mysterious virus that caused blindness in a number of AIDS victims.   Despite the painful memories they share, their honesty and clear-eyed intelligence help to provide a sense of healing."

It is more than safe to say that in fifty years, there will be COVID-19 documentaries, especially considering that it was announced today that Terrence McNally, who was referred to as the "Tony Award-winning playwright of Gay Life", died today at 81 due to complications of the coronavirus.

While I WAS going to embellish yesterday's Facebook post:  in light of Mr. McNally's passing (and the present-day irony of his passing based on his life), I shall not, and I have no words to go forward.  There are only questions.....

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