December 7, 2007

The Perfect Continuation of a Serendipitous Encounter

With the violin shipment having been somewhat taxing (as well as finding out that the work that needs to be done will take eleven hours!), I have nonetheless had lots of good news this week, starting with a great note from Mary Edwards. The sale of her debut album, A Smile in the Mind, has been so successful that her record company has decided to issue a second printing! This album, a copy of which I received as a gift this summer, is truly a gem and has become one of my favorites.

The second was from Dave Stevenson , a sculptor, illustrator, jewelry designer and visual artist whome I met on the Sunday after Thanksgiving - the day that I, after ten years, finally met Mary Edwards in person. Dave Stevenson is a sculptor, illustrator, jewelry designer and the creator of "Inspiration" and "Inspiration II", artwork from which the proceeds will be donated to the Parkinson's Unity Walk, which takes place in Central Park, NYC in April 2008. Dave has recently been featured in many national publications and has received many orders for these fantastic pieces!

Incidentally, on the day that Mary and I met - which was the day on which we both met Dave Stevenson while dining at the New Leaf Cafe - we heard A Smile in the Mind at the restaurant. Ahh...New York City, "the city of serendipity and happy accidents"....

Myself? Well, I found that a set of program notes that I wrote has been included in's "Weekend Vote"! What this means in the larger sphere of the world I have no idea, but I must say that I am incredibly grateful to know that Ms. Niles thought so highly of my work to include it in her forum!

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