December 6, 2007

DOES technology maker our lives easier?

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot I tracked the violin using the online FedEx tracking system and found that not only will it not be delivered on time, but that it was also stranded for a few hours because of the winter storm that just went through the northeast. Yes, I DO like snow - LOVE it, in fact - but this is a serious wrench in the machinery.

It's strange - we are blessed in many ways, including with the fact that we have been given brains that have been used to create so many "life-enhancing" things, including computers, planes - and tracking systems. The rub is how the tools are used, and as I sit warily waiting to find out if she has arrived or will arrive safely I realize the "trap of technology".

There was a time when letters were delivered by Pony Express - much slower than now, as large distances had to be traveled. Those who wrote and sent letters took so much time to write their deepest sentiments on paper, and those who received those sentiments met those letters with great anticipation, savoring every morsel. Now, we have email, and while letters can be sent over email sometimes the sheer volume of electronic mail can be overwhelming.

There was a time when musicians traveled the world on ships and trains as opposed to the wonderful absurdity of being on a different continent in twelve hours, fresh and ready to play the next program.

Maybe the key is to be grateful for the advances - but not to lose ourselves in them, not to let "the new rules of living" rule our individual lives.

In other news, one of my favorite violinists, Nigel Kennedy, will be touring Australia at the beginning 2008 and has released a new CD titled "Polish Spirit." Having listened to some of the samples I can very honestly say that this was definitely worth the wait!

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