July 1, 2008

Elsie Stockdale's Nigel Kennedy Page

Well, well...with the proliferation of social networking websites in addition to the curious phenomenon of having the world "at one's fingertips" via the world wide web, I received a very beautiful note on my Facebook account from Elsie Stockdale of Weymouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Ms. Stockdale is the "founder and editor of Nigel Kennedy Online (also known as "elsie does nigel kennedy...the most unofficial- unauthorized- but-I'm-doing-it-anyway site online!"), which is one of the most comprehensive sites concerning the life and career of one of the greatest violinists and fascinating thinkers of our generation - yes, that would be Nigel Kennedy.

It has been a pleasure getting to know Ms. Stockdale and I highly encourage all of you to visit her site.

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