July 21, 2008

Gratitude - and Humility?

Well...the Utah Festival Opera has been going quite smoothly and it has been a great joy, to say the least, to sit in the orchestra pit and make music with such wonderful artists. Rehearsals for Gypsy, for which I am concertmaster, start tomorrow...

...a few days ago I had a surprise violin lesson with a colleague, Amneris Puscasu, and what can I say? Enlightening, yes, and humbling in some ways - but not humiliating. It does seem that as one becomes more confident in one's self one approaches "seeking advice" with great openness and willing to receive - something that is difficult to fathom when making music becomes a way to "impress the world". The ability to take advice - even after having been around the block a few times - and allow one's self to be taken back to open strings, to be a child again, is something I hope that I will never lose, and I am so grateful to have had someone take the time to do what can be quite painstaking work.

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