November 26, 2008


It is very strange to be here again, trying to write as SO much has taken place both within my life and within the world over the past very few weeks! What can one say?

The whirlwind has taken me first to St. Petersburg, Florida for performances with the Florida Orchestra - with the flight taking place on Election Day - and most recently to Durham, North Carolina for a performance of "Between Between A Ballad and a Blues" at the Hayti Heritage Center.

Now, however, as we flow into the holiday season, I find myself looking back, tracing all of the people and events that have led to this day. Of course, tomorrow is our traditional day for giving thanks and sharing with others, but this year I find myself not only feeling a deep sense of gratitude for all that is good: I sincerely hope that we can all share our feelings of gratitude every day, as (if I may - and please forgive me for sounding much like a greeting card) every day does contains aspects and moments for which we should be humbled and grateful.... my last blog I quoted the late Toni Cade Bambara and once again wish to refer to her: "English is a mercantile language - one not meant to express the interior life." Sometimes it is best not to go to the I share this with you with many thanks, much gratitude, and best wishes for the holiday season.

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