December 9, 2008

On The Road Again...

"Whose bag is this?"

"It's mine, sir - my apologies."

After getting off the bus in downtown Baltimore at the stop which has served as my transfer point to the MTA Light Rail which takes me to the airport, I went into a 7-11 for the purpose of buying a coffee. While I was pleased to get a portable mug (with the first coffee purchase being free), I was quite surprised to be "questioned" by a Homeland Security officer - right in the middle of the city?! Yes, the world has changed...

...nevertheless, I am now in Seattle, Washington, where I will be performing at On The Boards with the Carpetbag Theatre Company. The first coast-to-coast flight that I've taken since 1999 - and to a city about which I have both heard and read much; however, this is most definitely a city that one should experience for one's self, as it is truly beautiful, sophisticated, clean, alive, and QUIET!

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