July 27, 2009

Michael Steinberg

While there are so many things that I have experienced about which I want to write, this one is somewhat difficult - perhaps the difficulty is the usual thought that someone may see this. Perhaps it comes from the thought that I am now about to write about a REAL writer, one of the most important musicologists of our century who was also one of my chamber music coaches during a summer at the International Festival-Institute at Round Top - a man who, along with Jorja Fleezanis, truly opened my eyes to the world of poetry and musical research while also inspiring so many of us with his openness to life, infectious curiosity and beautiful spirit?

My issues aside: while I wish that I could write something as eloquent as Mark Swed's Los Angeles Times article, I can only say thank you, Michael, for giving the world the best of yourself and continuously keeping out minds, souls, ears and imaginations open through your work - which included serving as the world's program annotator and penning three books of musical essays that rival if not suprass the work of Donald Francis Tovey , and being the mentor and champion of hundreds of us who have continued in this wonderful, crazy world that we call the business of musicmaking.

May your soul rest peacefully as your spirit - through your priceless contributions to our world - live eternally.

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